About Us

About Us

Although housework is not considered a job by many people, it is very difficult to do without overtime and without using auxiliary equipment. Particularly, we ensure that household appliances such as drying racks, ironing boards, ladders and market trolleys with long life are produced in the highest quality to facilitate the chores of housewives.

As a brand with a significant business volume both in the domestic and the foreign markets, we take firm steps towards developing designs that make life easier.

We Make Life Easier For You

Today it is almost impossible to put up the curtains without a ladder. Without an ironing board, it will not be possible to iron clothes perfectly or protect them from dust without a drying rack.

We are aware that household appliances produced from high-quality materials with superior workmanship have an important place in facilitating life and ensuring that things are resolved in a short time. In this respect, we do not only produce household appliances, we create special designs for the best use of household appliances and present them to the service of their users.

We Produce for You

We do not only seek profit, we also think about public health by producing safe products that serve humanity and facilitate life. All of the household appliances produced are in compliance with all the standards in our country applied in accordance with the legislation. We enable you to use them for many years by developing products that make daily life easier by using sufficient and adequate materials.

One of our main objectives is to ensure that the full value of the price paid for one of our products is paid for our robust production that is not easily deformed and broken. We work hard to provide superior customer satisfaction and we will continue to do so with our products that make your daily work easier by experiencing the pride of being a brand with a wide range of products. Our aim is not only to make money, but to bring high-quality products to the consumer.

We Design For You

We design our products within the discipline of engineering with our state-of-the-art machines in accordance with the areas and purposes of use for household appliances and develop new designs that will provide practical use.

Our R&D department, considering the ergonomics of the users, works on functionality, designs new products that will provide the users with the best benefit from our products, analyzes your feedback and implements new products as a result of these analyses. With the innovative activities of our R&D department, we produce products that are easy to use in daily life, which can be used comfortably by individuals of almost all ages, without making them complex.

We Never Compromise High-Quality For You

The biggest indicator of both our domestic and international market presence throughout the country and the throughout the world is producing our products with high-quality and superior workmanship. When purchasing our products, you can be sure that you will get full value for every penny you pay.

Because our products are among the easy products produced in accordance with the determined standards, do not pose any health problems, and are produced by considering ergonomics and are sold in Turkey and in many different parts of the world. First of all, our home appliances, we produce with the principle of accuracy, are high-quality products in the country and world market.


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